Open Workshop in Scotland

Keysi Open Workshop Edinburgh

After months of planning and preparing ,the long waited weekend…

Keysi Mexico, Never give up

Dear Friends, On behalf of Keysi by Justo Diéguez and his…

Game of Thrones

The new season has finally arrived! Here is a photo of our participation…

Justo Dieguez - The Founder

When the viewer is glued to his seat watching fight scenes attached…
Recursos Keysi

Biomechanics to an emotional level

We could define Biomechanics as the ability which the living…

Keysi´s First Steps

All those who are interested in martial arts or self-defence…
vortice in Keysi

What is Vortex?

According to a basic definition found online, a vortex is a stream…

The meaning of “Pensador”( The Thinker)

People commonly think that “el Pensador” (The Thinker) is…

Salute in Keysi

Technically speaking the greeting in Keysi is performed as follows. …
Justo Dieguez Fundador de Keysi

What is the Hammer?

The Hammer technique, is it a hit? Some sort of defence method? The…

Methodology for teaching Keysi

Keysi isn’t based on the number of techniques. 1,000 different…