This program delivers professional development for comprehensive specialized training of local police, state police, federal police, military police, security units and Special Forces, with the understanding that different regulations on the use of force occur with each different agency. The method is developed in full accordance with the educational philosophy of Keysi based on the needs of police action, using a special terminology in the expression of its techniques and their purpose and application.

KEYSI TACTICAL & LAW ENFORCEMENT is based on the research and investigation of the unpredictable scenarios faced by police officers during extreme situations, reconstructing real events and dangerous patterns of behavior found in our society.

The course emphasizes the fact that a police officer must be able to control all aspects of a confrontation. That is why the program is structured to give a comprehensive approach for preparing police officers in all aspects of conflict, providing them the optimal way to psychologically and emotionally handle an aggressor or group of aggressors.

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