Keysi has been designed as a continuous progress in the fields of personal growth and self-defense.

Every day greater PROFESSIONALISM is demanded from the Instructor, the Club and the Gym.

The Keysi Fighting Method is very different to what is considered ‘traditional’ or ‘typical’.

The method is a structured way to understand the greatest predator on Earth and this is our biggest challenge and highest aim.

Keysi is a radical and extreme change of perspective on the dangers of the modern urban environment. Keysi is not a sport. Keysi is urban self-defence.



  • Keysi Instructor Online Program
  • Keysi FIGHTING Method
  • Keysi KIDS
  • Keysi TACTICAL & LAW Enforcement
  • Keysi MOVIE Action


You will receive an exclusive service for your training as an Instructor, with a program in which the training will be delivered in person or in Keysi academies within teaching groups.

Inside these groups, the instructor will learn the fundamental concepts of how to have a successful career and how to become a role model and leader.


  • Join now our instructors training program online.
  • Get access to first hand training from the main man, the creator and founder, Justo Dieguez and his team of professionals – the international top team Jessica Dieguez and Bogdan Suciu.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity so get your spot now and be part of our international team of professional Instructors.
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  • Yearly follow-ups to guarantee your skills are up to date.
  • After completing the first phase of training, Instructors receive the Keysi World Certificate that is recognized around the world.
  • Instructors are awarded an internationally recognized Keysi ID card.
  • Access to the special private area of the Keysi World Company website.


  • During instructor training classes, we develop skills through practical and theoretical sessions.
  • Detailed information based on study, analysis and practical(trial and error) to provide you the finest training at all levels.
  • Includes all the course materials (PDF manual, videos, methodology and training techniques).
  • A program packed with energy, motivation and understanding of fighting with one or several opponents.


We also offer a service to clubs and gyms so they can obtain a license for using the different Keysi programs and also the clothing and training equipment, together with the Keysi marketing and promotional materials and regular updates.

Under the supervision of Keysi World, Clubs and gyms offer their clients the unique quality of the Keysi brand. This innovative and fast-growing method, is an ideal approach for your business to achieve maximum SUCCESS.

Keysi World, through the Keysi Method, opens up a strategic market for Entrepreneurs.


Keysi World offers its instructors and students its branded line with a wide range of exclusive training materials and accessories.

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