PURPOSE – RESPECT – PATIENCE – PERSISTENCE: form a wheel whose axle is PERSPECTIVE, the central focus from which the other principles can be observed.


  • Purpose– It is to what we aspire, is not a goal!
  • Respect– It is the satisfaction produced from your own achievements and from those of others.
  • Patience– When we maintain clear purpose and keep our ego under control.
  • Persistence– Although patience is necessary, it is not enough without the aid of persistence.
  • Perspective –It is the ability to establish what is really important in a given situation.


As a result of these values, Justo Diéguez’s revolutionary method of self-defense is a way of understanding the reality on the street, where the Predator-Aggressor becomes a victim, and the victim becomes the Predator, Distant and Radical. The method is a vehicle designed to improve the quality of life, providing the practitioner with extreme physical, emotional and mental training.


The birth of the word “Keysi” dates from the early childhood of Justo Dieguez. As a small child who was learning to speak, he had an own special way of pronouncing the words in Spanish ‘Que Sí,’ which means ‘Yes, I will!’

Keysi Method was shown to the public in 1980. For a period of 32 years (1980-2012), Justo Diéguez began giving self-defense seminars around the world. Was in 2012 when KFM company gives rise to current, known as Keysi World.

The Keysi Academy of Self-Defense in Puerto de Sagunto dates back to 1975. At that time was when Justo Diéguez taught self-defense in a variety of styles; standing out among them, Filipino Kali, Jet Kune Do, and boxing. During the period from 1975 to 1980, Justo Dieguez began to develop a program for self-defense focus on the necessities of real life. Based on the deficiencies and gaps observed in other systems and through the knowledgethat he’d acquired, found Keysi Method far from rules, tatamis, or belts.

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