Keysi is not an art built on other arts, nor is it a combination of techniques from different styles. Rather it is a form, a philosophy of life based on personal growth, with martial arts as a medium according to a philosophy that is grounded on knowledge, research and experimentation. It is a way of understanding, developing, expressing and transmitting knowledge. Keysi is not a copy of this or that, nor is it a theoretical explanation of many different martial arts. On the contrary, it is a set of concepts and principles that are perfectly laid out and defined, the result of rigorous and long introspective work.


Humans are the dominant specie because of their adaptability and evolved skills. We must continue evolving and growing. This process is an outcome of our instincts as a specie. The basic concept in the Keysi method is to maintain constant and proactive skills in the field of learning; a domain that knows no limits, a place where your emotional state can express your creativity in physical form through using the mind.


Personal growth is based on belief, which is not a goal but it is a purpose that leads us to the highest level of personal fulfillment as a human being. Human evolutionary progress and our methodology are both based on personal growth, and the Keysi method possesses the key that can open the door to your own path and help you to discover your inner knowledge as the main source of wisdom.

In recent years, our lives have undergone an incredible transformation, following a direction that leads to results that could only be described as inexplicable. We are convinced that there is another area for experimentation, a realm that defies the laws of science and logic where therearean internal space that frees us from norms, standards, technical barriers and limitations. These are the things that we wish to discover. This is no mere fantasy world, achievable only with imagination.


The birth of the word “Keysi” dates from the early childhood of Justo Dieguez. As a small child who was learning to speak, he had an own special way of pronouncing the words in Spanish ‘Que Sí,’ which means ‘Yes, I will!’

Keysi Method was shown to the public in 1980. For a period of 32 years (1980-2012), Justo Diéguez began giving self-defense seminars around the world. Was in 2012 when KFM company gives rise to current, known as Keysi World.

The Keysi Academy of Self-Defense in Puerto de Sagunto dates back to 1975. At that time was when Justo Diéguez taught self-defense in a variety of styles; standing out among them, Filipino Kali, Jet Kune Do, and boxing. During the period from 1975 to 1980, Justo Dieguez began to develop a program for self-defense focus on the necessities of real life. Based on the deficiencies and gaps observed in other systems and through the knowledgethat he’d acquired, found Keysi Method far from rules, tatamis, or belts.

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