Keysi Movie Action is an educational program which specific objectives are designed to deliver unique differential value to Actors and Actresses who participate in it. Its discipline and practice allow for better knowledge about action sequences, and facilitates the staging of action choreography in front of the camera.

It is based on a structured methodology for the training of actors, actresses, stuntmen and directors, developing creativity in their approaches to action sequences in fiction.

It works at several levels in which it delivers and develops the general structural framework of the Keysi method as applied to cinema Action:

The character and the action.

Hand-to-hand work with and without weapons

Bodily expression in action sequences

Actor and action choreography

Working in front of the camera

Recording scenes

A method based on the development of body mechanics that introduces the actor/actress to the world of action scenes in front of the camera. We seek for the actor/actress to acquire the skill by learning and knowing body language in action, with special emphasis on creativity and achieving maximum integration into the process of building the character.

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