New online instructor training

The corona pandemic almost paralyzed our instructor training this year! We have learned from this experience and are now offering a training program that is no longer based solely on physical training units.

Become part of the Keysi Instructor family and experience our new online training program! It offers a balanced mix of online training, video clips, manuals and real training units.

Learn our extensive program from Keysi founder Justo Dieguez and his International Top Team members Jessica Dieguez and Bogdan Suciu.

Secure your place and contact us at:

Online student program started

We are breaking new ground! In the corona pandemic, we have found that normal training may not be possible at times or only to a limited extent. We would like to give you the opportunity to train Keysi regardless of the travel options or other restrictions.

Join our online training program for students now!

Get first-hand access to the Keysi International Top Team members Jessica Dieguez and Bogdan Suciu!

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SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

The corona pandemic has a firm grip on us.

Even though the situation is slowly easing in many parts of the world, an end to the existing restrictions is not yet in sight. Unfortunately, the situation affects us as a provider of worldwide seminars and training!
Since we are active in many countries and different regulations apply in all regions, we have to cancel all planned international training and education events with a heavy heart until further notice.

We hope to be able to return to normal operation in the course of summer or by autumn at the latest. We look forward to traveling around the world again and teaching KEYSI. We keep you up to date on the latest developments on our homepage.

We are currently preparing various online training and education programs to enable KEYSI lessons for Keysi students, instructors and interested newcomers. We will inform you about this as soon as possible.

We wish you, your families and friends only the best and hope to see you all again soon. Nunca te Rindas!

KEYSI IDP weekend Bari February 2020

Thank you, Italy for yet another brilliant weekend that we had at our Instructor Development Program Course in Bari!!!

Awesome energy, enthusiasm, and determination!!!!!

See you all in June – 19/20/21 in San Remo!

Al Ataque y Nunca Te Rindas

1. KEYSI IDP weekend 2020 in Germany

Visiting the Northmen

From February 14th to 16th This year’s first KEYSI Instructor Developmet Program (I.D.P.) weekend took place in Henstedt-Ulzburg.

15 hours of instructor training and a 3 hour open seminar by and with Justo Dieguez. We thank all participants for their energy and motivation. Sweating together, learning together and spending valuable time together is the KEYSI family!

Special thanks go to Franziska Kiefer (National Team Switzerland) and Holger Neumann (National Team Germany and Tactical Enforcement Expert) and the Alster Gym team for this great support.

Passed exams February 2020 in Germany


At the instructor training weekend from February 14th to 16th in Henstedt-Ulzburg two of our instructors have passed their exams and are going one step further on their KEYSI path. We are very proud of you!!!

A loud Aaaooooo to David (Latte) Latauschke (2nd from left) from the KEYSI Academy “La Corrida” for passing the I.D.P. Stage 3 exams!

A loud Aaaooooo to Ronny Steinbrück (2nd from left) from “El Torros” Norderstedt for passing the Tactical Enforcement Stage 1 exam!

Passed exams November 2019 Germany


At the Instructor training weekend from 15. – 17.11. Martin Zvonar (picture left) from the Czech Republic passed his IDP Stage 1 exam in Pfedelbach. Stefan Tennert (pictured right) from Keysi the Club in Öhringen has passed the IDP Stage 2 exam successfully.

We are very proud of you!!!

KEYSI certification November 2019 Germany

We welcome Colin Lesch!

Colin from Hohentengen in Germany has successfully completed the KEYSI certification at the IDP weekend from 15. – 17.11.2019 in Pfedelbach. We wish him all the best in the coming months and in his next steps at KEYSI !!!

KEYSI Movie Action in Switzerland

Franziska Kiefer – KEYSI MOVIE ACTION in Switzerland with SWISS ACTION STUNTS

My name is Franziska Kiefer, I have been a member of SWISS ACTION STUNTS for a year now and I support them with fighting choreography, body fights, tactics as a special unit in front of the camera and as a mounted stunt rider in Switzerland. KEYSI is from my point of view one of the best backgrounds to join a stunt team. First and foremost, it is not just about the fights in front of the camera, but about the body feeling and knowing oneself.

On the weekend of 02. /03. In November, parts of the team of Swiss Action Stunts meet to rehearse fight scenes together. In combination with weapon handling and firing with ammo ammunition and wirework. (Wirework is a type of rope technique where people and objects explode in the pulling direction of the rope).

This weekend we used this technique on a shotgun. This means that we have faked the firing of a person with bullet ammunition and to make it look real, the person was pulled back by wirework. So, it looks in the video really as if the person was shot.

In addition to this scene, we purposefully trained several processes and studied the choreography via screenplay. It was a brawl workshop. A person against two, with the items that are present and, among other things, the handling and disarming of a 9mm blank gun.

The videos can be found on Instagram or Facebook: swissactionstunts

The scenes shown are not to be copied! There are specialists with corresponding certificates atwork.

World Conference 2019 – fantastic event!

Last weekend KEYSI Instructors from all over the world visited Spain. The World Conference 2019 was a great experience for everyone! Spending time together, having fun, enjoying life, learning together, training together and developing is what KEYSI is all about !!!

We are looking forward to the Conference 2020!