Game of Thrones

The new season has finally arrived! Here is a photo of our participation in the Game of Thrones serie, in the battle with our friend Bronn (Jerome Flynn). We expect to join them very soon!

In Game of Thrones we use our Keysi Movie Action program, a teaching based on the development of the body mechanics that introduces the actor/actress in the world of action in front of the camera. You can find more information about Keysi Movie Action on our website


Justo Dieguez – The Founder

When the viewer is glued to his seat watching fight scenes attached to a fast-paced action which is drawn in perfect harmony within the fighting scenography, we can say without worries of contradiction that behind the scene, the person or known actor is the advice from Diéguez, delivering his developments and knowledge to the protagonist who needs it.


Justo learned that the art of fight is born from the everyday survival and if it’s studied and handled constantly, it becomes an effective discipline, fast and accurate which can save us from a real life dangerous situation o simply become a scene of singular beauty where the body language with their actions set the tone of a skilful aesthetic figure controlled and model drawings of the art of fighting in the most strictest sense.

Within his extensive film experience we highlight its beginnings to international cinema. In 2004 he joined the team of Paul Morris Jenning, one of the most prestigious coordinators and directors of Hollywood film industry. The next year he participated in the film Munich, directed by Steven Spielberg. From 2006 he collaborated in “Mission Impossible 3” directed by JJ Abrams, fully entering in the American film industry. In 2008 collaborating in “Batman: The Dark Knight” directed by D. Christopher Nolan and in the same year working alongside director Marc Foster in the film “James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace”.

Recently he participated in “Clash of the titans” Directed by Louis Leterrier and “Game of Thrones” directed by Brian Kirk in 2010. And in 2011 he worked to complete the series of “Clash of the Titans 2”.

Finally, his participation was also huge in the Spanish film industry working in a numerous projects and documentaries, which shows his extensive background in the world of film and in the staging of the fight of the Seventh art.

Recursos Keysi

Biomechanics to an emotional level

We could define Biomechanics as the ability which the living beings move within the environment and the way in which they do.

But on his occasion we don’t want to talk about the Biomechanics as a physical level, we want to talk about another peculiarity of Keysi which is the “emotional biomechanics”.

One of the most striking peculiarities of Keysi is that we do not care for being the best fighters in the world, out main purpose is to extol the student to learn something basic which is “to know yourself” and “be yourself”.

Keysi devoid the rules in its practical terms but still using them. Keysi has an endless philosophical knowledge to instruct the students from his class. Today concepts such as friendship, equality, teamwork and loyalty either to himself or to his opponent may seem outdated and obsolete, but for us in Keysi nothing is more important than ever to stop being ourselves and despite circumstances, to know better day after day.

Today maybe people are set in other profiles, wanting to be so much like them that eventually they cease to be themselves, since these benchmarks make people lose their way and their goals. In Keysi we work the mind and we remind them that the first and most important is to believe in them, if you believe in yourself you have earned at least 80% of any discussion or problem you will encounter in your daily life.

Finally, and note least important, in the emotional level of Biomechanics we instruct the student with the most vital concept in life which is the breathing. We believe so much in it that it represented in the arms and insignia of Keysi, as is the concept of “Never Give up”.

Whatever happens, never give up, and believe in yourself. Whatever happens you will go forwards.

Keysi´s First Steps

All those who are interested in martial arts or self-defence end up finding Keysi, the funny thing is that people find this method already created. But what were the first Keysi steps?

Justo Diéguez throughout his long career in martial arts shows Keysi, not through the film industry but through seminars around the world.

This is the way in which people from different nationalities and different countries became interested in the method that today is changing the mindset on how self-defence is geared to a reality that is far from what can be seen in any action movie.

Eventually Justo Diéguez began to know and meet people interested in teaching, as mentioned above, it is far from other systems or methods.

It is in places like the UK where people approached him can show pictures of the seminars received by Justo Diéguez first hand.

Given the charisma and sympathy it was inevitable that over time, these people would approach him and ask academic information, because the reality of the method itself, it will hook you from the first time you train.

Your mind hits a radical change as you will see that you don’t need to be a born athlete to learn or to teach, you only need two simple but extremely important things, dedication and effort.

In tandem through day to day working alone or with a partner you develop a sense of “honour” and “discipline”. Despite being a non-rule method these values re used as a dogma.

Over time one of the students introduced to Justo with the brilliant idea of showing Keysi even more.

Broadly speaking, a class of Keysi can be divided into two parts, the physical part which is working alone or with a partner and the intellectual part, because even being a method of self-defence, a notebook is always necessary to write down what you have learned, our own conclusions and symbolism of learning. It is in this way that a student learns to develop Keysi, from the lowest level to the highest, and this is how these students are teaching today. Through examples, explained and developed by its founder Justo Diéguez.

Alongside his former student A.N., Justo decided to give a twist to make the method known with more power. So the method spread to the world as “KFM” (Keysi Fighting Method).

It is impossible not to mention starting and evolving the company KFM was increasing in a rapid pace and the number of seminars and this method was exponentially growing.

But here, my friend, when things start to go wrong. Justo “Keysi” is its son. Keysi was born of necessity, real cruelty of a society that forced its founder to grow physically and mentally, he developed this method that allowed him, on more than one occasion, not only emerge unscathed from a critical situation but to tell the story today.

But as I said, to Justo “Keysi” is family, and its founder was unaware that his partner in the company didn’t believe in the same thing. Sadly he will never forget that for his partner “Keysi” meant nothing less than “money”, and where Justo saw students who were like family, he saw shares and people which to take advantage of, so much was his greed that he decided to call himself “founder”. But we know it is not the same to be the founder of a method to be the founder of a company, the same way as it is to work in a company than owning a company.

As you can imagine at this point, the problems were increasing. Justo was doing seminars around the world and old students converted into instructors, but because of the two ways of looking at Keysi more problems appeared for Justo. Some instructors didn’t allow any development or creativity which people who wanted to be instructors whished, aspired and wanted. That is because for them it was essential to win and feel the need of having more power forgetting what Keysi is about, family, and that nobody is better than anyone, because no one is born knowing and through work and sacrifice we all improve day by day.

With these kind of events, Justo started to feel and observe how what he created and put so much effort in was heading into a decline which he had ever imagine, but the problems had just begun.

The instructors in charge of the training of the students in Spain who knew Keysi in a more precise and intimate way from their first steps forgot the base of itself. In the end it ended in a complete separation and closure of the company KFM, leaving its founder with his soul in a fist and pain which only a father can feel when he can see what they have done to his child. Because those people who he included them until the last minute, he believed and respected was proved to be the opposite.

But Justo far from surrendering decided to start from scratch, he decided to return to their origins and then appeared “Keysi” a phoenix renewed and stronger than before, as one of the first things you learn in Keysi is to “never give up” whatever happens, keep going.

Today these former students decided to go their own way and teach what Justo instilled from the heart and put their own name to it, thanks to them more and more people are interested in Keysi, because even people who don’t know about the method, as soon as they learn its origins they will ask the correct question: Where does this which I’m learning come from? Day by day more and more emails and phone calls requesting information about Justos and where it can be learned.

And this, my friend, is the reality of why KFM (Keysi Fighting Method) disappeared and today is known only by Keysi by Justo Diéguez or just Keysi, because if you learn a derivative of Keysi method you end up wanting to know more about Keysi, and because when you finish a lesson of Keysi or derivative born from the disunity of Keysi you will be applauding his creator: Justo Diéguez.

vortice in Keysi

What is Vortex?

According to a basic definition found online, a vortex is a stream of air ascending and descending.

In other words, a more colloquial way, we could define it as a tornado consisting of ascending and descending currents of air taking everything in its path.

So, where do we find Vortex in Keysi?

Keysi is a self-defence created by and for the Street, where real life revolves around the 360 degrees around us adding the upper plane, the air, and the bottom plane, the ground.

This way we can define vortex as the individual itself because in the reality of like we can find ourselves in a setback or obstacle in any direction or trajectory.

The central axis of the vortex is formed by our bodies, from our head to our feet. And around us, from 1.5 to 2 meters, that is the shortest and fastest distance a person can travel in one step.

What is the use of the Vortex for us?

Before starting this blog, we emphasized on the area control, talked about controlling all directions to avoid falling prey to a causal or intentional attack.

Well right now we speak like the predator, skilled in Keysi and takes time training with great constancy.

This predator is surprised by an individual whose attitude makes us suspect that his intentions are evil and all of a sudden he approaches with his intentions more conclusive. Our brain acts and tells us… This person wants to harm you and we can’t help it.

In this moment is when the subject enters our vortex, getting closer to that small distance of two meters where he thinks his prey is defenceless and weak.

But even a hunter knows that the wounded animals are the most dangerous and will never shoot against a tornado as it will be like killing flies with a canon.

The predator acts, not prey of panic, controls all emotions because it knows his integrity depends on it, in that precise moment is where all the training, biomechanics, area control, technique, strategy and determination, all of this fused in unusual movements but effective

The predator moves but the attacker is unable to control, not even his own body, as it has entered the eye of a storm, with air currents which could go up or down, spinning in different directions, powerless to restrain the victim, like any person trying to catch the wind with their hand

The Vortex is not a hit or a technique, is the sum of all the training where the mind, the muscles and the biomechanics act as a contact movement.

Maybe this entry has left you a bit confused or maybe you only understood parts of it. To define Vortex is like explaining something as easy as, why do we breathe?

Do you have questions? Have I awaken your interest? Do you want to understand about the Vortex?

What I can do is encourage you to join a Keysi class and there you will be able to visualise where, how, when and where the eye of the storm appears, which we call Vortex.

The meaning of “Pensador”( The Thinker)

People commonly think that “el Pensador” (The Thinker) is just a technique that involves putting your hands on your head, but the reality is far from that statement.

Its meaning is much deeper as it’s not a technique by itself, it’s a decision on how we do things, in which way and when. In reality the “Pensador” comes from the deepest part of our being.

So the more accurate definition of the “Pensador” is not a technic in itself but the product of our psyche and the need that is presented to us at that moment.

All Keysi techniques or at least a vast majority of them are named with its based “pensa”, for example we can find “pensa-choque” ( thinking-hit), “pensa-puños” ( thinking punches) or even “pensa-patadas” ( thinking-kick). But as mentioned before these techniques are born from necessity.

Lets not forget that Keysi is a method of self-defence, when we talk about giving a “pensa-puño”, we are talking about giving a punch to something or someone, but that gesture comes from the necessity of defending ourselves or defending our loved one from aggression always illegitimate, since we learn self-defence not a pointless fight.

So from a more spiritual point of view, we define “el Pensador” (The thinker) as “ Bring out from in you, your true self from the heart”. And from this combination of values and philosophy comes the technique itself based on the urgent need to overcome a physical and real obstacle that forces us to be in guard.

Salute in Keysi

Technically speaking the greeting in Keysi is performed as follows.

  1. From a neutral position, separate the feet and hands. The feet are apart beyond shoulder width and palms facing forwards.
  2. At the time the right hand and foot start to get together, put your feet together and bend your right elbow and make a fist until touching your chest at heart level.
  3. The first and elbow stretched forwards, and repeat the same move, flexing the elbow and taping the fist to the heart. Then return to the first position with the hands outstretched and palms facing forwards.

After this explanation, I showed you a technique. But, what is the meaning behind these simple movements?

To start with the meaning of this salute:

-“I stand before you, with the best of me and that humanity and the honour is our dress of our heart”

This greeting is executed at the beginning and the end of the class, but also during the class where you will see it before developing a technique in pairs. Since even self-defence or a contact sport sometimes we do hurt each other, this gesture before, during and after teamwork symbolises that we are brothers to all and will never hurt each other volunarily or arbitrarily. So our students and instructors before and after training in team they pull the elbows and fists and collide as a symbol of brotherhood.

Justo Dieguez Fundador de Keysi

What is the Hammer?

The Hammer technique, is it a hit? Some sort of defence method?

The Hammer technique has become very popular by time, is a really old technique being born from mixed martial arts and its most recent popularization, techniques such as The Hammer are being recognized.

A lot of people who watches Keysi videos and observe a Keysi lesson will ask, what are those hits you give with the side of your fist? What are they for?

Here in Keysi we use The Hammers in all possible and working positions that exist: standing, kneeling, squatting, sitting and lying.

We use The Hammers as an offensive and defensive way, and as just mentioned, in all levels.

But what is The Hammer?

Is it a punch? An oblique hit? Ascending or descending?

If we were to define it in a way, we can’t describe it as a variant of a punch, but a completely different technique and autonomous like a punch.

But it possesses a great advantage over the punch, given its position at the time to hit with the side of the fist. The knuckles don’t suffer trauma or injuries that occur when we punch a surface, although its purpose is the same as a punch but by avoiding the injury: broken knuckles, bleeding, etc.

The Hammer also has another big advantage, we can give it higher speed, strength and higher number of strokes.

This technique has an offensive and defensive ability which allows us to attack and cover ourselves in great speed.

You can work it on two distances: medium and short, depending on its need.

We could talk about this length technique, but we could never find the right words, it is best that you encourage to visit us and see the benefits of this movement together with your biomechanics.

Methodology for teaching Keysi

Keysi isn’t based on the number of techniques. 1,000 different techniques are not necessary in order to learn how to defend yourself against an attacker.

Main and the most important thing is to work the mind. That is the reason why we do not make so much emphasis on learning an endless number of attacks or unnecessary techniques for the real life. However, what makes us unique is our entirely dedication to develop the instinct.

The Instinct is the innate capacity of the human being. It is the ability which gives a mother supernatural strength to lift a train’s wheel to save her daughter’s life who is caught up in it. Or that father who notes that a car will run over his son and runs without thinking of his own security and physical integrity.

In Keysi the working method is not based on repetition or the mimicry.

First, we cultivate the mind and body in every class to rise in the student that instinct of survival that we all have.


Description of the instinct

When we are small and we feel cornered, the human being tends to protect themselves. But the question is, how do you protect?

If you observe carefully a child who sees a ball falls on him from the heights, you can glimpse of that child facing this situation, instinctively covering his head with his hands and bending down to a fetal position to occupy less space to protect himself as best as he can.

If we walk in the darkness: why do we look for a point of support?

It is the instinct of self-protection which pushes us to find such support.

That ability appears by itself, it is not learned or taught, is the manifestation of the pure instinct.

How do we work on the Instinct in KEYSI?

In each class the student, to understand and learn about his own instincts, will be put in complicated situation which reflect the reality, whether in an attack with bladed weapon, or a two-on-one attack.

Making him work those scenarios, which unfortunately are real facts, will help the student identify the danger, learn all about that situation, the pressure, the fear, the impotence, and recognize the surroundings.

In this way, your mind will expand to a new world of sensations and real-life situations where one second means everything.

Thanks to the training, the perseverance and the effort, the next time that child sees the ball falling it will not make him cringe and to cover his head wishing the hit to happen rapidly. That child will recognize the situation and will be aware of what approaches him, moving away from the ball’s path without further damage.

In Keysi our objective, as we have already point, is not to learn 1,000 techniques, but when you arrive to this moment, you do not shrug your shoulders or be paralyzed by fear. Your body will be ready to guide you, your survival instinct will push you in the right direction. Because if two people appears on your way with the intention to hurt you, perhaps the most reasonable is to run away. But if have no other choice that defend yourself, the most intelligent thing is to be prepared, to open your eyes, recognize the danger and observe the environment. Maybe you may not exit completely unharmed from the aggression, but alive to tell.

Remember that any type of aggression, whether by a single person or a group, we will always receive some type of harm, because even you are covering yourself, the cover and protection is your own body.