Methodology for teaching Keysi

Keysi isn’t based on the number of techniques. 1,000 different techniques are not necessary in order to learn how to defend yourself against an attacker.

Main and the most important thing is to work the mind. That is the reason why we do not make so much emphasis on learning an endless number of attacks or unnecessary techniques for the real life. However, what makes us unique is our entirely dedication to develop the instinct.

The Instinct is the innate capacity of the human being. It is the ability which gives a mother supernatural strength to lift a train’s wheel to save her daughter’s life who is caught up in it. Or that father who notes that a car will run over his son and runs without thinking of his own security and physical integrity.

In Keysi the working method is not based on repetition or the mimicry.

First, we cultivate the mind and body in every class to rise in the student that instinct of survival that we all have.


Description of the instinct

When we are small and we feel cornered, the human being tends to protect themselves. But the question is, how do you protect?

If you observe carefully a child who sees a ball falls on him from the heights, you can glimpse of that child facing this situation, instinctively covering his head with his hands and bending down to a fetal position to occupy less space to protect himself as best as he can.

If we walk in the darkness: why do we look for a point of support?

It is the instinct of self-protection which pushes us to find such support.

That ability appears by itself, it is not learned or taught, is the manifestation of the pure instinct.

How do we work on the Instinct in KEYSI?

In each class the student, to understand and learn about his own instincts, will be put in complicated situation which reflect the reality, whether in an attack with bladed weapon, or a two-on-one attack.

Making him work those scenarios, which unfortunately are real facts, will help the student identify the danger, learn all about that situation, the pressure, the fear, the impotence, and recognize the surroundings.

In this way, your mind will expand to a new world of sensations and real-life situations where one second means everything.

Thanks to the training, the perseverance and the effort, the next time that child sees the ball falling it will not make him cringe and to cover his head wishing the hit to happen rapidly. That child will recognize the situation and will be aware of what approaches him, moving away from the ball’s path without further damage.

In Keysi our objective, as we have already point, is not to learn 1,000 techniques, but when you arrive to this moment, you do not shrug your shoulders or be paralyzed by fear. Your body will be ready to guide you, your survival instinct will push you in the right direction. Because if two people appears on your way with the intention to hurt you, perhaps the most reasonable is to run away. But if have no other choice that defend yourself, the most intelligent thing is to be prepared, to open your eyes, recognize the danger and observe the environment. Maybe you may not exit completely unharmed from the aggression, but alive to tell.

Remember that any type of aggression, whether by a single person or a group, we will always receive some type of harm, because even you are covering yourself, the cover and protection is your own body.