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Justo Dieguez – The Founder

When the viewer is glued to his seat watching fight scenes attached to a fast-paced action which is drawn in perfect harmony within the fighting scenography, we can say without worries of contradiction that behind the scene, the person or known actor is the advice from Diéguez, delivering his developments and knowledge to the protagonist […]

Biomechanics to an emotional level

We could define Biomechanics as the ability which the living beings move within the environment and the way in which they do. But on his occasion we don’t want to talk about the Biomechanics as a physical level, we want to talk about another peculiarity of Keysi which is the “emotional biomechanics”. One of the […]

Keysi´s First Steps

All those who are interested in martial arts or self-defence end up finding Keysi, the funny thing is that people find this method already created. But what were the first Keysi steps? Justo Diéguez throughout his long career in martial arts shows Keysi, not through the film industry but through seminars around the world. This […]

What is Vortex?

According to a basic definition found online, a vortex is a stream of air ascending and descending. In other words, a more colloquial way, we could define it as a tornado consisting of ascending and descending currents of air taking everything in its path. So, where do we find Vortex in Keysi? Keysi is a […]

The meaning of “Pensador”( The Thinker)

People commonly think that “el Pensador” (The Thinker) is just a technique that involves putting your hands on your head, but the reality is far from that statement. Its meaning is much deeper as it’s not a technique by itself, it’s a decision on how we do things, in which way and when. In reality […]

Salute in Keysi

Technically speaking the greeting in Keysi is performed as follows. From a neutral position, separate the feet and hands. The feet are apart beyond shoulder width and palms facing forwards. At the time the right hand and foot start to get together, put your feet together and bend your right elbow and make a fist […]

What is the Hammer?

The Hammer technique, is it a hit? Some sort of defence method? The Hammer technique has become very popular by time, is a really old technique being born from mixed martial arts and its most recent popularization, techniques such as The Hammer are being recognized. A lot of people who watches Keysi videos and observe […]

Methodology for teaching Keysi

Keysi isn’t based on the number of techniques. 1,000 different techniques are not necessary in order to learn how to defend yourself against an attacker.  Main and the most important thing is to work the mind. That is the reason why we do not make so much emphasis on learning an endless number of attacks […]