Justo Dieguez Fundador de Keysi

What is the Hammer?

The Hammer technique, is it a hit? Some sort of defence method?

The Hammer technique has become very popular by time, is a really old technique being born from mixed martial arts and its most recent popularization, techniques such as The Hammer are being recognized.

A lot of people who watches Keysi videos and observe a Keysi lesson will ask, what are those hits you give with the side of your fist? What are they for?

Here in Keysi we use The Hammers in all possible and working positions that exist: standing, kneeling, squatting, sitting and lying.

We use The Hammers as an offensive and defensive way, and as just mentioned, in all levels.

But what is The Hammer?

Is it a punch? An oblique hit? Ascending or descending?

If we were to define it in a way, we can’t describe it as a variant of a punch, but a completely different technique and autonomous like a punch.

But it possesses a great advantage over the punch, given its position at the time to hit with the side of the fist. The knuckles don’t suffer trauma or injuries that occur when we punch a surface, although its purpose is the same as a punch but by avoiding the injury: broken knuckles, bleeding, etc.

The Hammer also has another big advantage, we can give it higher speed, strength and higher number of strokes.

This technique has an offensive and defensive ability which allows us to attack and cover ourselves in great speed.

You can work it on two distances: medium and short, depending on its need.

We could talk about this length technique, but we could never find the right words, it is best that you encourage to visit us and see the benefits of this movement together with your biomechanics.