Salute in Keysi

Technically speaking the greeting in Keysi is performed as follows.

  1. From a neutral position, separate the feet and hands. The feet are apart beyond shoulder width and palms facing forwards.
  2. At the time the right hand and foot start to get together, put your feet together and bend your right elbow and make a fist until touching your chest at heart level.
  3. The first and elbow stretched forwards, and repeat the same move, flexing the elbow and taping the fist to the heart. Then return to the first position with the hands outstretched and palms facing forwards.

After this explanation, I showed you a technique. But, what is the meaning behind these simple movements?

To start with the meaning of this salute:

-“I stand before you, with the best of me and that humanity and the honour is our dress of our heart”

This greeting is executed at the beginning and the end of the class, but also during the class where you will see it before developing a technique in pairs. Since even self-defence or a contact sport sometimes we do hurt each other, this gesture before, during and after teamwork symbolises that we are brothers to all and will never hurt each other volunarily or arbitrarily. So our students and instructors before and after training in team they pull the elbows and fists and collide as a symbol of brotherhood.